Born in Los Angeles, USA, in 1989

Lives and works in New York, USA

Lucien Smith received a Bachelor’s degree in 2011 from Cooper Union in New York. Smith creates works that span a very broad spectrum of styles and conceptual directions; his choices range from completely random to carefully planned, his compositions from minimalist to busy, and his subject matter from the sublime to the familiar. His varied explorations are the result of diverse inspirations. Furthermore, he may explore a new approach in a single piece and then abandon it or articulate it throughout an entire body of work. The interdisciplinary nature of Smith’s work results in genuine artistic exploratory moments through which he investigates the history, theory, and very existence of contemporary art.

Although relatively new on the New York scene, Smith has been able to attract the attention of many international collectors, patrons and important critics, by whom he was nicknamed the “grand-son of Andy Warhol.”

Three of Smith’s most recent works are included in the exhibition Next. Two of these are from his series Rain Paintings. To make this series of works, the artist elaborated a technical process that allowed him to project paint onto the canvas using a fire extinguisher. The artist controls the composition, but the splashed patterns are the result of the automated machinery. The simplicity of the outcome camouflages a very complex technical process.

The third work, Untitled (2012), constitutes a critical commentary on the entertainment industry, and its incursion in the contemporary art world. Whipped cream pies seem to have been randomly thrown at an over-sized canvas in an allegory of comical-absurd moments that are usually taken at face value. “Could the same be said of the contemporary art world at times?” asks the artist.

Artist represented by Skarstedt Gallery and Salon 94.

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Untitled2012, Acrylic on canvas