Born in Los Angeles, USA, in 1988

Lives and works in New York, USA

Nick Darmstaedter produces artwork without special affinity to any single medium or material. He is best known for his active involvement with the artist-led organization The Still House Group founded by Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler in 2007. Like his Still House peers, Darmstaedter frequently produces works that employ found objects; he states that gathering and sorting are a crucial part of his practice, in which chance also plays a significant role. His works, however, are not ready-mades, but transformations that emphasize the materials’ physical properties and original forms. Darmstaedter’s works also nod to the American Pop and Minimalist movements.

The piece (2014) is part of a brand new series of paintings and ultra-contemporary screen prints. Tainted with irony and sarcasm, Darmstaedter’s new work questions the phenomenon of digital spam. Working in oil paint, the artist meticulously reconstructs rudimentary Internet pop-up windows. The lengthiness of this process contrasts with the rapid speed at which spam and pop-up windows appear on our screens. Despite the works in this series being a critique of digital spam, Darmstaedter also explores the potential of their formal beauty. These screen captures were chosen for their minimalist aesthetic, dating back to the early 2000s. For the artist, is the portrait of a certain era, where quality often gave way to quantity and where priority lay in the ability to appear instantly.

The work 10 cards, 100 paintings #5 (2014) confers another cynical gaze on the strategies of false advertising. 10 cards, 100 paintings #5 states that if we collect 10 stamps, we get a free painting. The artist brings our attention to the use of deceitful marketing slogans that encourage endless consumption. To reinforce this idea, the artist used silkscreen printing to continually reproduce the same promotional cards, imitating techniques of mass production. And to fully embody his critique, Darmstaedter will fulfill the promise of his art and give a free painting to any collector who would buy 10 of his paintings.

Artist represented by The Still House Group.


10 cards, 100 paintings #52014, Acrylic paint and ink on canvas