Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1988

Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

Dean Levin studied architecture in school, and this training is clearly visible in his artwork. Levin works in multiple mediums such as photography, sculpture, and installation, bringing the same minimalist and architectural approach to each one. His fascination with colour, light, form and space creates a distinct style, jointly emphasizing process and aesthetic product.

By combining industrial elements, like plaster, and more traditional elements such as paint and canvas, Levin draws on the physical and chemical properties of his materials to produce works that look as if they are constantly changing.

The works in the 2014 series Untitled (exhibited in NEXT) were made using a complex methodology. The artist first takes pieces of linoleum and covers them with oil. Then, he dips canvas in turpentine and places it on the linoleum tiles. The turpentine decomposes the colour pigments on the canvas, and the process leaves the canvas monochrome, showing only the imperfections of the linoleum on the studio floor. In creating this interaction between canvas and other materials, Levin refers to the physical and chemical processes of photography and engraving. Despite the fact that Levin is not in complete control of the imprint on the canvas, each work is always a unique expression of his aesthetic goals.

Throughout the history of art, the artist’s studio has been a regularly recurring subject matter. In the works from this series, Levin creates an allegory of the very floor all artists work on, yet presents the viewer with an abstract geometrical composition that is simultaneously inviting, complex and profound. The pigments employed create a sense of depth that is not often associated with linoleum floors.

Artist represented by Marianne Boesky Gallery.


Untitled2014, Dye on canvas