ART & POWER Reading the collection through civic engagement

October – December 2018

MONTREAL : This fall, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal explores the concept of power through a new presentation of its collection. The selection of primarily recent works alludes to a decadent world with increasingly visible limits – daily violence, terrorist acts, armed conflicts, migrations… Drawing critical force from current news, the artists’ practices allow us to examine the relationships of power, scrutinize human relations and develop new approaches to our collective moment. This selection invites visitors to shift perspectives, adopting new postures towards contemporary life.

The installation is comprised of two large rooms and three multimedia spaces with works expressing their power through a range of formal and conceptual devices. By exploring the historical, political, sociological, and cultural aspects of our society, the artists raise issues worthy of our collective and personal reflection. Ultimately, the selection of works by local, national and international artists encourages awareness and attunes us to the many influences and forms of authority directing our gaze.

Above : Amalia Ulman, Privilege 3/3/2016, 2016 (Courtesy of the artist & Arcadia Missa)

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