Born in Palms, Los Angeles, USA, in 1987

Lives and works in New York, USA

Jack Greer moved to New York where he got a bachelor of fine arts in 2009 from Pratt Institute. A prolific and multidisciplinary artist, Greer makes notable use of drawing, sculpture, painting, design and photography in his work. He is a member of The Still House Group, a group of artists with an exhibition space based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Like the other artists of The Still House Group, Greer’s work implies constant autobiographical references using readymade objects.

His vast repertory of techniques and styles manifest themselves conceptually. Regardless of the medium, his works integrate grotesque reflections on the visual perception of urban environment. Avoiding all references to the traditional ways of seeing beauty and perfection, Greer studies the communication between living organisms and the cities they live in.

Greer’s works presented in NEXT are part of a series of canvases produced like patchworks. These works are constructed by piecing together the leftovers and throwaways from the communal studio of The Still House Group. Since he incorporates other artist’s waste materials he could be interpreted as a collaborative as well as a solo artist. The thread used to stitch the various scraps together is left hanging from the canvas and give the finished canvases a strange, yet alluring, sense of biological cohesion. References to medical stitches can be read easily in these works.

Artist represented by The Still House Group.

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Cecilia and Sebastian2013, Cut canvas, thread and acrylic paint on canvas