March 3, 2018 – April 7, 2018

Labor Improbus — Art Souterrain Festival


Once again this year, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal is participating in the Art Souterrain festival, presenting several works in its exhibition spaces. Three artists have been invited to dis- play their work: Nelson Henricks looks at the notions of work and entertainment, but also our relationship with time with his work Happy Hours; Naomi Dodds is in discourse with Arsenal’s architecture, examining the issue of industrialization and progress with her work Bridge; and Stanley Février presents Strange Fruit, commissioned for the festival, whereby visitors will be invited to stroll through cotton fields made of plaster and reflect on the important contribution slaves made to the development of the US economy. The works selected for display at Arsenal are by turns monumental and reflective, and represent a cross-section of Québec and Canadian contemporary creation by emerging and accomplished artists.

March 13 — Stanley Février will present a participative performance inside of his installation Strange Fruit, during the TD Cultural Tuesday x Art Souterrain Festival.