From February 6, 2019

Selection of works from the collection — Winter 2019


This winter, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal presents a new selection of works from the collection. Come and discover our exhibition space, transformed to show imposing works, in size and in content.

Jon Rafman
Rafman’s work explores the limits and imbrications of real and virtual worlds, and asserts the prominence of technologies in our time. The artist creates a virtual universe displaying the rather dark sides of internet, a “place” that the artist describes as a platform for emancipation with sometimes disturbing expressions.

Eric Yahnker
First trained as a journalist, Californian artist Eric Yahnker multiplies references to the American pop-culture. Using caricatures and irony, his practice fully grasps the contemporary sociopolitical Zeitgeist.

Caroline Mesquita
Caroline Mesquita’s work mainly consists of sculptural installations with human forms, which she uses to explore the complexity of humans’ behaviors. She infuses a vitality in her assemblages, which probe the notion of action through a theatricality.

Nicolas Lachance
The works of Nicolas Lachance are widely presented across the country. Working with paint, he questions the specificities of the medium through the trace and the print, two sources of dialogue central to his pictorial research.

Kapwani Kiwanga
Kiwanga’s training in anthropology and comparative religion permeates her artistic practice. Respecting a rigorous method, the artist’s works are a continuation of her research, exploring power relations through the symbolism of certain objects or materials.

Arsenal Contemporary Montreal is proud to present an artwork from the Giverny Capital Art Collection: Pink-Blue by Kapwani Kiwanga, recipient of the 2018 Sobey Art Award. The presentation of this work was made possible thanks to the Giverny Foundation for Contemporary Art.

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Above : Eric Yahnker, The Long Goodbye…, 2017 (Photo credits: Romain Guilbault)