New Works In The Collection: Lea Cetera

Recently acquired in the permanent collection of Arsenal Contemporary Montreal, three pieces by American artist Lea Cetera are now presented at the entrance of our spaces. Brown Table (2015), The Handsome Serial Killer (2015) and Untitled, Tan Railing (2017) are exhibited in such a way that it creates uncertainty in the visitor’s mind. Composed like minimalist sculptures, they unite metal grids, video screen and coffee cups made of porcelain.


Lea Cetera, Untitled,Tan Railing, 2017. © Southard Reid.

Through her temporal installations, Lea Cetera investigates the relation between object and body, private and public as well as real and virtual. Her practice draws from more popular mediums such as theatre, filmmaking and puppetry and highlights the narrative potential of objects. By combining video elements and sometimes even performative actions to her sculpture, the artist adresses constructed identities and the alienation of the body regarding the omnipresence of technology.


Lea Cetera, Untitled,Tan Railing, 2017. © Southard Reid.

Her work also clearly holds a political and feminist message. When we approach the installation  Untitled, Tan Railing enough, for example, we are able to read this sentence on a metallic sheet presented like a commemorative plaque :

« I have this one art idea, where I only concern myself with female artists and writers, learn and read about their work, so much to the point where when someone references a male artist, I am confused and apologize for not knowing who they are talking about. »

This rather satirical phrase allows for the reflection on the place of women in the art eld and in society in general.  The artist thus questions the culture that legitimates the erasure of women and their subjectivities from a major part of human history.

Lea Cetera lives and works in New York. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art. The artist is represented by Southard Reid in London and her work has been shown in many places in the USA as well as internationally in institutions including Art in General, The Jewish Museum and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

Lea Cetera pieces are currently exhibited. See our opening times.