Surprise collaboration with Art Souterrain Festival!

Arsenal Contemporary Montreal is proud to announce a surprise collaboration with Art Souterrain Festival. As part of the 10th edition of the festival, Arsenal will be welcoming an exhibition from March 3 and April 7, and present a collaborative TD Cultural Tuesday on March 13. 

Revolving around the expression Labor Improbus, this year’s edition brings together the practices of Canadian and international artists reflecting on the theme of work.  The exhibition spaces will thus host the works of Naomi Dodds, Nelson Henricks and Stanley Février.

Nelson Henricks will be exploring the notion of work and entertainment, but also the relationship we have with time in his artwork Happy Hours ; Naomi Dodds will be engaging dialogue with the architecture of Arsenal and with the question of industrialization and progress with her work Bridge ; Stanley Février will, on his part, present Strange Fruit, a piece created specially for the festival through which the visitors will be invited to meander. 

As part of the TD Cultural Tuesday, the artist Stanley Février will invite visitors to activate his performative installation. Allegory of the social pressions exerted by the system, the artwork creates a participative space in which the visitor is invited to pick up and transform cotton.

By exploring the close links existing between work and slavery, Février tries to create encounters, reflexions and confrontations around his installation. He invites the public to intervene and to be players constructing their own history.

The exhibition curated by Festival Art Souterrain is presented until April 7 in the heart of our spaces. See our opening times.